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What size am I?

This is the most important question of all! If you are having a hard time with sizing, check out our sizing page. Here we will teach you to measure your feet to get the best fitting shoe.

What about returns?

Currently return is not possible, however, exchange is possible when...

  • the items are unworn
  • the items are in their original box 
  • the goods are returned to us within 30 days from time of receipt
  • we will pay for shipping you the new size or new pair
  • the customers will pay for the return shipping shoes (unless you can help us to sell that pair of shoes in your local community.)

Any new models? New designs for Dance shoes? 

We are exploring many factories around the world. We are planning to launch new models in Spring of 2023! They will likely be created in Spain! Follow us on for the latest updates!


Can we try your Dance shoes? or will you bring the dance shoes to any events in the future?

We would love to bring our shoes to your community. Contact us and we can create this possibility.

Currently, we are planning to attend Stockholm Tap Festivals(Stockholm, Sweden) in April 2023, Lindy Bout (Vancouver, Canada) in April 2023.