About Us


You might not know this, but Jacky has a secret super power: designing shoes. He has been designing them for over four years, and they are beautiful!

As a long time dancers - we are talking over 10 years partner dancing, here - Jacky has put his time in on the dance floor. He knows how dancing affects the body and selfishly wanted to design a shoe that could let him dance all night without pain. It’s a crazy idea, especially because we know how hard ya’ll dance. The thing is, at saf shoes, we want to dance well into our 90s, and that means taking care of our bodies. Part of taking care of your body is finding a dance shoe that supports it.

Thank you for being interested in and supporting us on this journey. We are a small community based organization and are deeply grateful that you are here. Please don’t hesitate to send us any questions you might have or invite your friends to like our  Instagram page.