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What size am I? This is the most important question of all! If you are having a hard time with sizing, check out our sizing page. Here we will teach you to measure your feet to get the best fitting shoe.

Why did you use European sizing if you are a Canadian company? It is really simple actually: European sizing is unisex, and so are our shoes.

What are pre-sales? Pre-sales are when people purchase a product before it has been officially launched. What you are seeing here on our site is our Fall 2019 line.

Why pre-sales? When we realized there wasn’t a dance sneaker we loved in North America, Jacky and Claudia found a hole in the market. If we sell a minimum of 100 pairs of shoes between April 4th and 14th we’ll be able to start a shoe business with a relatively small amount of capital, and determine if people are interested in our product.

When can I expect to get my shoes? September 2019.

What about returns? Right now, because we are such a new company, we don't have a return policy. Our policy will unfold as we collect more information about manufacturing and grow through this pre-sale process. That being said, we are also reasonable individuals and if something doesn't work we will do our best to fix it for you.

What if you don't sell 100 pairs of shoes? We don't know. We are taking a big risk and bringing you along for the journey.